Trump Pardons and Commutes Today

The President is on a bit of a “pardoning” spree today.
Gov. Rod Blagojevich – Gets sentence commuted; if you recall he was the Governor that was convicted of trying to sell Barrack Obamas senate seat

Also Bernie Kerik catches a pardon from President Trump today.

Certainly an interesting development and the Roger Stone sentencing is supposed to carry on as usual even though there is a ton of drama surrounding it.

Democrat Breaks Away from the Pack!

Chap Peterson breaks away from party lines on the controversial assault weapons ban in Virginia. Of course many constitutionalists find this bill unsettling; as it really has no function to protect gun violence. The real root of the gun violence issue is people. Sick people.

Trump at Daytona 500

It was quite the site to be honest. A sitting president at the Daytona 500, who would have thought! It was quite the show to say the least. Including a fly over in Air Force One; which may have never been done before! From the pictures and videos, that was impressive! I realize he is rallying his base; but this is a new precedent in a seemingly unprecedented political environment.

Allegedly this picture was reused by Trump Camp, from 2004.
Trump Flyover @ Daytona

Of course the fantastic showmanship didn’t stop there. The Don took his Presidential Limo “The Beast” out on the track. According to a limousine industry veteran “The Beast” appears to be a newly built version of the previous Cadillac Limousine holdover from the Obama Era.

I’m sure the new Presidential Limousine is packed with even more goodies than the previous generation; not to mention it is much nicer looking than the previous limo.

Presidential Limo takes a lap at Daytona 500

Over the years the Presidential limo has evolved and gotten bigger, and bigger. If you compare George W. Bush’s limo to Obamas, it looks QUITE different.

President George W. Bush’s limo, while impressive is definitely a heavily armored Cadillac DTS Sedan,

President Obama definitely got a bit of an upgrade over the previous administrations state car. This limo is where the term “The Beast” came about. It appears to be a derivative of the Cadillac Escalade instead of the Cadillac DTS.

BERLIN, GERMANY – JUNE 19: A security officer gives a thumbs-up to the driver of “The Beast,” a modified Cadillac DTS that is the current U.S. presidential limousine, after U.S. President Barack Obama exited it for a dinner at the Orangerie at Schloss Charlottenburg palace on June 19, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Obama is visiting Berlin for the first time during his presidency and his speech at the Brandenburg Gate is to be the highlight. Obama spoke close to the 50th anniversary of the historic speech by then U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Berlin in 1963, during which he proclaimed the famous sentence: ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.’ (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Then comes President Trumps new $1.5 million dollar behemoth. It appears to be as big as his personality and much more appealing on the eyes compared to the older state cars.

Donald Trumps State Car

Here is an old infographic featuring President Obama’s “Beast”. I’m confident Donald Trumps probably has even more bells and whistles.

Donald’s appearance at the Daytona 500 was most certainly one for the history books in regards to showmanship. Will it ever happen again? Only time will tell.

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